About Aplus Learn To Drive

We train learners to become safe and confident P platers!

Brief About A+ Learn2Drive

Aplus Learn 2 Drive has accredited Male and Female driving instructors (with the latest updates in training).We at Aplus had the rule changed you no longer have to be 17 to sign your logbook! Complete your 100 hours sign it take it to the post office it is "prepaid" they will send it to the transport department and you can book your test after 12 months on a learners license!


Our Mission


At Aplus Learn 2 Drive we prepare our students to become safe, proactive and confident drivers. We teach from the basics to hazard perception and avoidance to instill the latest and safest driving lessons techniques available in Ipswich and surrounding areas. To teach some one to drive is the greatest gift you can give, THIS IS A LIFE SKILL, they will drive for the rest of their lives! 

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